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Since 2012 the RSVP School of Real Estate has prepared our students to successfully pass the state exam, but we also guide our students in how to prepare for a successful & lucrative career in Real Estate. We offer our students a small intimate environment in a classroom setting which allows our students to be able to have their questions, concerns & curiosities addressed in order to ensure their success in the Real Estate World.

Student Testimonials

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    RSVP School of Real Estate really helped me understand and learn about Real Estate law and practices. This school did an amazing job of breaking down the material so I could completely understand the material. I will be recommending this school to others.
    Amazing Job of Teaching!
    Marco H.
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    This school had great learning techniques. The instructor Jorge made the course material very understanding and he was very attentive to all my concerns.
    Great Learning Techniques!
    Yashira C.
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    Great atmosphere, I’ve been out of school for 25 years and the small class setting was just what I needed. I felt very comfortable asking questions. Jorge was great. I would recommend this school as oppose to a large classroom.
    Great Atmosphere- Great Instructor!
    Gloria G
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    I had a great experience in my 63 hours Post License class. My professor was incredible knowledgeable about each and every topic. He also spend one and one time with us if there was a topic we did not understand.  The small classroom setting is fa-nominal. Great school, Great atmosphere.
    Great Experience!
    Teshia B
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    The RSVP School is really great! I would definitely recommend this school to everyone. Eli Mitrani (our teacher) is one of the most amazing, informative and friendly instructors I’ve ever experienced. Overall my experience was very, very good.
    The RSVP School is really Great!
    Matt W
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    I was completly  satisfied with RSVP School, it was very affordable compared to other schools. Thanks for making my learning experience very enjoyable and giving me the opportunity in taking my first step towards starting my Real Estate Career.
    Learning experience very comfortable!
    Jose L.
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    My experience with RSVP was incredible. Our instructor couldn’t have been any better. I will recommend RSVP School of Real Estate to anyone that is interested in starting a Real Estate Career.
    My Experience was Incredible!
    Herson R
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    This was the best overall choice that I could have made in choosing a Real Estate School. The instructor was great and the school itself was fantastic.  The small class size allowed me to be able to ask many questions that I needed answers to. Unlike other larger schools where you can never ask any questions.  I know I made the right choice, I passed the state exam on my first attempt.  Thanks so much RSVP ”.
    Best Overall Choice!
    John S.
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    My instructor was fantastic He made anything complicated simple and easy to understand.   The small  class size was great. The staff was warm and friendly and made me fell very comfortable.
    My instructor was Fantastic!
    Thomas G.
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    I found this school on the internet, after meeting all the staff  and visting the school to see the small classroom I decided to register.  I was very pleased and very happy that I found RSVP School of Real Estate.
    Happy that I found RSVP School of Real Estate!
    Angelina S.
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    Actually tried other schools before choosing RSVP School of Real Estate.  The school made the material easy to understand. Would recommend this school to everyone.
    Would recommend this school to Everyone!
    Garth C.
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    I really appreciated the way RSVP School of Real Estate runs their classes. Great School and a great instructor”.
    Great School and Great Instructor!
    Matiais M.
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    It was a very educational class. The instructor was extremely helpful. The small size slass of 8 students was great. Would recommend this school to everyone.
    The instructor was extremely helpful!
    Roberto C.
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    Whoever chooses another school is missing out! Plain and simple. The individual atenttion our class got was priceless… Our friendly teacher went beyond the call of duty to fully prepare us for the exam. I must admit that it was a little far from where I live… but every mile I drove was worth it!  I’m happy to start my career in Real Estate with a strong foundation because I’m lucky to have found such a great school like this. Thanks Eli, Roger and the staff.
    The individual attention our class got was Priceless!
    Carolina V.
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    I would recommend RSVP School of Real estate to everyone interested in getting their real estate license. The instructor was great and the small class size was wonderful.
    The small class size was wonderful!
    Jean RC.
  • About RSVP School of Real Estate
    This school is phenomenal, I never went to a school like this before. The instructor is so knowledgeable. He was always refreshing from the beginning to the end. Thank you so much for taking the time in making this course worthwhile and very rewarding.
    This school is Phenomenal!
    Jean H.
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    Words cannot express how thankful I am to have had Seymour as my instructor, he is an excellent teacher. As for RSVP School, Thumbs UP.  Thank you so much.
    RSVP School, Thumds Up!
    Joanne S.
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    I enjoyed the class. It was a great experience. We had an amazing teacher who was very good with his teaching skills. I loved the small classroom size. Thank you all.
    Great Experience!
    Jennifer R.
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    RSVP School of Real Estate was great. The small class size was exactly what I was looking for. Eli Mitrani, our instructor, was a fantastic teacher. He explained things in a way that was truly easy to grasp. I am very glad that I chose RSVP for my Real Estate School.”
    RSVP School of Real Estate was Great!
    Diane H.
  • Online Real Estate Classes
    The Instructor was very well informed, educated & knowledgeable. She conducted a very well, streamlined presentation. I think she is an asset to your school and I have told all my friends about your school.”
    The Instructor was very well informed!
    Joan B.
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    Very interesting, made time go by much easier. Gave terms and applied jokes to remember information. Loved the small class.”
    Loved the Small Class!
    Walter C.
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    My instructor Eli was very professional, great public speaker, very concerned of students understanding and their being able to apply the information to everyday Real Estate Scenarios.”
    My Instructor was Great!
    Janice M.
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    The Instructor was pleasant, knowledgeable and a professional instructor who truly loves teaching. Good guy who made the 63 hour Real Estate Course very enjoyable!  I loved the small class room size with just 8 students. I was able to ask so many questions along with all the other students. I will be recommending RSVP School to all my friends.
    I Loved the Small Class Size!
    Paul C.
  • Real Estate License Classroom Courses
    I did my 14 Hr. CE class with RSVP School. I wasn’t looking forward to spending 2 days in a classroom but my instructor Anat made the class so interesting  that that I was glad that I didn’t do one of those online courses.  Thank you guys so much for making something that could have been boring  really interesting.”
    Thank You Guys So Much!
    George L.
  • RSVP School of Real Estate
    I checked out several schools before choosing RSVP School. I was looking for a school that was not like all those other big schools with 50 or more students in a class.  The instructor and  the customer service people  were very helpful and caring. Great experience! Thanks.
    Great Experience!
    Virgina P.
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    Your school is wonderful. I really felt that the instructor I had really cared about all the students.  He always answered all my questions and concerns.  Thanks Seymour for all the personal attention.  I will be back when it’s time to further my education.
    Your School is Wonderful!
    Alice D.
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    When I was looking for a Real Estate School my main concern was to find one that I felt comfortable in and would be able to get one-on-one attention if I needed it.  You guy’s came through for me. Thanks.
    Great One on One Couching!
    Roger L.
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    All Real Estate Schools are not the same. The RSVP School is what I was looking for, small intimate classroom size in a nice environment. You guys really delivered.  My instructor was very professional and so knowlegeable. My experience is one that I will share with all my friends.
    All real estate schools are not the same!
    Engracia P.
  • About RSVP School of Real Estate
    Excellent instructor, patient,thorough and obviously cares about all his Students. His delivery of course material was excellent and he made it very easy to understand.
    Great School!
    Fred M.
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    Thanks for Visiting our School & See you in Class!
    Roger Portaro (School Director)