Create a reading nook

Rosedale Attic Bedroom
Photo by Sarah Wittenbraker Interiors
While yes, you can and most likely do read in bed, it’s not always comfortable propping up all those pillows just right. So why not carve out a quiet, peaceful spot for you, a book, and a cup of coffee? Pick a corner of the room and surround it with bookshelves, or let an enormous window serve as backdrop. The only other thing you need? A comfortable chair.


Photo by Castro Design Studio
When it comes to headboards, go ahead and think big—really, really big. A wooden headboard that reaches toward the ceiling adds major drama to your sleeping space. Or perhaps you’ve found tufting that takes up the entire wall. Or you’ve added a library’s worth of built-ins behind your bed. Whatever your dreams may be, don’t be afraid to think huge. It’s in vogue these days.


Practice feng shui

Refined Beauty Brookhaven
Photo by Minhnuyet Hardy Interiors
You don’t have to believe in feng shui to know the philosophy makes some really excellent points. Like having two nightstands—that’s a no-brainer, right? Or not placing your bed in front of a window. (Say farewell, winter chill!) And we can see why a door opening directly into your bed might get irritating. Even if you want to ditch the concept of “energy,” feng shui offers good design sense, so give it a try.


Go luxurious

Armonk Luxurious Master Bedroom Suite
Photo by Laura Michaels
Nothing feels better than slipping in between silk sheets after a long day’s work and drifting off to sleep under a sparkling chandelier. If it’s pampering you crave, the bedroom is the place to go over the top. Buy an upholstered headboard. Choose soft, velvet chairs. Gold and metallic accents can make you feel like a million bucks.


Consider bohemian flair

Victorian Revival Master 1
Photo by Martha O’Hara Interiors
But there’s no reason to go luxe if your vibe runs more casual. A bohemian-inspired bedroom feels romantic yet eclectic and promises to kick-start your creativity. Avant-garde artwork paired with bold patterns, bright fabrics, and lots of plants creates a coastal quasi-hippie vibe that feels totally down to earth—and makes waking up much more fun.


Squeeze in a desk

Mid-levels East
Photo by Chinc’s Workshop

Not all of us have the luxury of a separate office. Stuffing desk space into your beautiful bedroom might seem like a downer, but it can be done—and beautifully so. A big, sunny window is a godsend here, but all you really need is enough space to fit a desk without feeling cramped. Pick a stylish office chair to add some pizzazz to the space.

If you’re going to wake up five feet from your desk, at least it should look stunning.